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Google. The American company, having found every surprise, has revealed that at least one new phone model will be opened today. Specifically, a new Google Phone model with code name Bonito many people will free it after it was discovered in the APK source code for the ARCore system, which was launched as a competitor to ARKit.

Google. The new phone model currently developed by the US company is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chip, that is, mid-range, not premium-grade phone. The presence of this phone in the Google ARCore APK is a confirmation that the company is keen to compete more seriously with other Android manufacturers in the mid-market phone market.

Google SURPRISE phone is LANSARE ready

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Google. Separated from the phone BonitoAnother source code code was discovered on the Android source code The cargo, so it's expected that these phones will be available in two sizes, just like the Pixel series. Every year, he launched a new phone, Google offered two devices with different diagonal screens for each device, but of course it's not known which screens will be used for products that are ready for launch.

Google. Since the Pixel series has not been so successful in recent years and is not expected to change and compete with the iPhone or Samsung premium phones, people in Mountain View may be thinking of an alternative. This means that Google would like to launch cheaper phones to make even more sales on the smartphone market, as Pixel sales are on the rise.

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