Friday , June 2 2023

FCSB extends his contract for Filipe Teixeira. Gigi Becali's statement


Impressed by the evolution of Filipe Teixeira Dynamo FCSB 1-1, Gigi Becali decided to expand her understanding of the Portuguese veteran with the FCSB. Hence, half pushallers will remain in the FCSB for another year and can benefit from consistent bonuses if the team qualifies in Champions League groups or European League teams.

FCSB extends his contract for Filipe Teixeira

"Teixeira terminates its contract in winter, but we extended it for one year. We have agreed with a sponsor (eg City Insurance) that now we can receive a bonus of EUR 3 million if we win the Champions League or two million in the European League.

Following the talks, the sponsor said he wanted to expand with Teixeira. I told them to put 100 000 to the European League bonus, and another 100 000 to the Champions League bonus. Put it in, put it around. If you have lust, you have to pay ", said Gigi Becali's sports television.

Filipe Teixeira met on October 2nd, 38th year. Her career began in Felgueiras in 1998, and then several CVs, such as PSG, Academica Coimbra or West Brom, moved to CV. In Romanian football, he first arrived in FC Braşov in 2011 in the form of a loan from Metallurg Donetsk.

He arrived in Romania in 2011

He was then transferred to Rapid, where he spent two years after his career. After a short time at Al-Shaab, Teixeira returned to Petrolul Ploiesti in 2013. He then moved to Astra, a team with which he won trophies and turned into many significant European cups.

The FCSB plays in 2017, rating about 60 games and achieving six goals. This season, he was in the squad for 22 games and offered an assistant. Gigi Becali not only influenced his development with the Dinamo, but also Din Gheorghe, who considered him the best in the field.

The FCSB ranks second in the championship, with 28 points in 15 stages, two in the lead after CFR Cluj.

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