Friday , March 5 2021

Dragnea is desperate. Who is coming to call. A secret meeting

Liviu Dragnea and Gabriel Oprea met in a restaurant in the capital to discuss a possible alliance between PSD and UNPR, they said sources close to both. The meeting was held on Thursday, November 8th, at the MAI Restaurant Ştirbei Voda, where Gabriel Oprea celebrated the sacred onomastics of Mikhail and Gavril. According to all indications, it would be the same restaurant that Oprea pointed out in the evening of October 2015 when police officer Bogdan Gigin, who accompanied a former internal minicarist in a motorcycle, suffered an accident, after which he lost his life.

Dragne's approach to Gabriel Opre's goal, without political calculations, about the good relationships he maintained and still existed with the "parallel state", which the PSD leader condemned and attacked as many times as he could. On the other hand, Oprea is proud of reserve voices in military structures. And in early 2016, Livier Dragnea spoke with Oprea about a possible alliance with UNPR, but then Oprea decided to merge with the Traian Basescu PMP, which he later denied.

According to sources, at the Dragnea-Oprea meeting last week, Codrin Ştefănescu and Marian Oprisan also took part. Note that Dragnea was accused of Oprea at the beginning of the year, saying on several occasions that he was a "parallel man" and discovered how he would be called him with General Coldea.


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