Tuesday , October 26 2021

Dacia CAMUFLATÃ, PITEŞTI on the streets! What is MODEL about?


Dacia Camouflage descends from Taylor and manages equality

Cameras James Olteanu impressed the once-off Dacia model at the intersection of Taylor and Bd Heroes. I photographed the car and we talked to our car editor Mr. Val Nicolau.

We think Dacia's camouflage model could be the new Sandero. So far, Dacia has not provided much information about the new car it will launch.

In 2018, Sandero was the best-selling Dacia, but it is the best-selling SUV in Europe. With the new platform Dacia Sandero 2019 will be easier, which means that consumption will be reduced and speed will accelerate. Dacia worked hard on sound insulation, but also on the comfort of passengers, which was also seen in the new Duster.

Dacia Sandero's prices will remain the same as the third version in 2019.

Photo: George OLTEAN

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