Monday , February 6 2023

A Romanian doctor in Belgium who treated young people had burnt on the teardrop: "It was his birthday"


Alexandru, a young man from Piatra Neamţ, seriously injured in an explosion, died in Belgium.

When his transfer to the countryside was made difficult, I once again learned that Romania is not able to take care of the big burns, which is also recognized by the Minister of Health.

The tragedy statement arrived in the country, just like Minister Sorina Pintea met with some of the surviving collectives. They discussed the need for protocols in which Romanian patients with severe burns are urgently sent abroad.

Alexandru Gabriel died in Charleroi Hospital in Belgium, where he received terrible burns, 70% of the body surface and infected with Acinetobacter and Clebsiella.

On Monday, he was acting, and one of the doctors who cares for him is Romanian – Ciprian Isacu. On Thursday, the doctor just bartered his tears.

Ciprian Isacu: "I'm doing everything I can, I do not mean the problem of infection and other relocations, except today's day … There is no child …"

The 28-year-old heart stopped, while several injured colleagues in the country discussed with the health minister the new procedures that Romania needed to treat severe burns.

21 young people injured in a college hail, with an open letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, called for the establishment of a national emergency intervention mechanism in the event of an accident with the victims of Great Ars, as was the case with Alexandru.

Mihai GreceaSurvivor's team: "The 11 beds that are still being spoken can not be called" burning beds, "because in English" medium "is indulgence. Alexander, with great difficulty, with ministerial tears, very much moved circus and TV interference." This is not the case.

The reaction of the surviving college occurred after the bureaucracy of Romania delayed the transition of a young man from Piatra Neamţ. Part of the payment for the treatment had to be aligned with his condition so that the boy could take care of doctors in Belgium.

Also, after the Alexander case, the health minister acknowledged that Romania was not ready to treat patients with burns above 50 percent.

So, we in Europe need urgent hospital protocols where Romanian patients who have burned up will be automatically transmitted and then dozens of cards will be signed.

The "Reine Astrida" military hospital in Brussels is the first in principle to come together and is one of the strongest burning centers in the world.

It has a reception room – extra beds with special beds, intensive care with 7 ultra-sterile sterile rooms and high-quality care parlors for big burns.

There are also 11 special containers for burning patients in the same center. Both the air that enters the room and the water are filtered.

Unfortunately, Romania has to send patients abroad because, three years after the tragedy of the college, we still do not have a functioning functional spa center.

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