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Vitorino Nemier's term "aorain" means Aorian "essence" – culture


Professor of the Azores University, who, in a "more or less symbolic" form, speaks of a "rough definition" as depicted in the Portuguese literary class "Mau tempo of the canal", recalls that the writer of Praia da Vitoria on Terceira has addressed this issue in two texts that were published in the Diário de Notícias and Ponta Delgada press releases.

The Nemésio scientist's work on the literary work of the television program Se ne sou memembendi is "confirmation of the presence of this Azores in the island's space.

"What is described (in the press) is the ability and attachment to the land, to islands that are like the Azores' origin, to the place that is being given to civilize and transform into their own home beyond the continent, which balances with the ability to adapt and transform into a world a citizen, "describes Urbano Bettencourt.

Vitorino Nemésio, of course, "visits" several times, Antero de Quentalo, to describe the Azores as "a troubled man who leaves his country to ask the world."

As the writer refers to as an "isolated kindergarten", one adapts himself to the "Portuguese root tradition" that "in such other soil and climate" there was a "strong spirit, calm arrogance".

According to Urbano Bettencourt, in the concept of azoria, Nemésio spoke of "the difficulties in the relationship between Portugal and its islands", characterized by "some phoney abandonment but also metropolitan attitudes" with the archipelago's premises that "neglected development" island

In addition to the literary and cultural dimension, according to the university professor, the term "azorianidade" in the text published in 1932 and others, which was published in 1975, also involves a political element.

Urbano Bettencourt points out that Nemésio referred to "patience and compliance that somehow created a sense of survival and physical and historical resistance," also emphasizing the 1932 text of the geographical and historical significance of the Azorean origin as a "way to be".

This year, the book of the first complete writer Vitorino Nemésio 16, "Poesia (1935-1940)" was released on the market.

The Companhia das Ilhas initiative, in collaboration with the National National Press, is divided into two parts: poetry (1916-1930) and poetry (1935-1940), which combines the poet's first poetic work. "

The first of the four authors of the four poetry books provides unpublished revelation (in the fourth issue) and will be presented on the following Thursday afternoon. 18:30 at the Portuguese National Library (BNP) in Lisbon, Professor Luiz Fagundes Duarte, responsible for editing the work.

Vitorino Nemésio, whose literary work includes, among other things, the name "Mau Tempo of the Canal", considered literary criticism as one of the largest Portuguese novels in the 20th century, born 19 December 1901 in Praia da Vitória on the island of Terceira, and died on 20 December 1978 November in Lisbon.

Among the great Portuguese writers of the 20th century, Nemésio received the State Literature Award in 1965 and the Montana Prize in 1974.

His work includes about 40 titles in the field of fiction, poetry, essay and criticism, as well as chronicles such as the Round Party (1950), Not All Nightlife (1952), Bread and (1966), Canto da Vépera "(1966) and" Sapateia Açoriana "(1976), as well as" Bad Weather in the Canal "(1955)," O Verbo ea Morte "(1944).

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