Wednesday , February 8 2023

Vestager says that we must maintain a dialogue with the United States on the fees – the European Union


"Regarding the rates [alfandegárias] we have to go on our way. It is important that when we come to the tariff trade, we have to maintain a working relationship and dialogue that began with the successful meeting of the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker and President Trampa Summer, "said Lusa Margrethe Vestager, referring to the meeting in Washington.

According to Tuesday's US mid-term elections, according to recent results, Republicans lose control of the House of Representatives, but reinforce the majority of the Senate, the European Commissioner emphasizes that the United States President and US political representatives "move" towards the country.

Vestager emphasizes that the European Union does not interfere with the US tax policy, but points out that it is important for everyone to participate in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and give an example of possible decisions that could be technological and digital companies.

"I continue to believe that if the process takes a long time, it is important for us Europeans to fight for taxes and fees in digital companies. We are faced with situations where companies cost an average of 90% to only 23%," he said.

Margrethe Vestager attended the Jean-Monnet Chair's inauguration conference, supported by the European Institute of the Faculty of Law, attended by Minister of Economic Affairs Pedro Siza Vieira.

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