Wednesday , March 22 2023

Two Madeira are participating in the new SIC and TVI program meetings


There are at least two Madeirans participating in the new SIC and TVI program "Love Car" and "First Date".

Ana Maria Jardim competes with O Carro do Amor and Miguel Barros takes part in First Date.

These are two meeting programs that help competitors find love, and SIC presents Diana Chaves and TVI from Fatima Lopes.

The "Love Car" is adapted to the North American format "Driven to Love", and couples like the "Married with the First Look" program are chosen by specialists. Everything happens in a car where two strangers travel in and around Lisbon. They get to know each other while driving, and it depends on the man or the woman on the wheel to decide whether to continue traveling with that partner, or if he wants to travel to the next person.

On the first date, the program is a restaurant / bar, where participants go to live to live their first meeting in front of cameras, which, although hidden, have agreed. The focus of the publication is the perception of all pairs of emotions, signs and reactions without filters or judgments, so that they can keep track of all the details of non-verbal communication that define this type of meeting. Each program combines 6 to 7 meetings with the greatest possible diversity between each pair to make the home more recognizable. You will be given more attention to the most exciting stories, because they do very well or very badly for humorous and fun times.

It should be noted that more and more people are from Madeira participating in the following national television programs, such as Cláudio Mendes, who was one of the competitors of SIC Married to the First Sight, but whose marriage has ended.

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