Sunday , January 29 2023

Tony Carreira’s daughter Sara Kerreira dies in a violent A1 accident


A collision of four cars caused the death of singer Sarah Kerreira and three injured, one seriously injured on Highway 1 (A1), which has been cut off from traffic between the Santarém and Cartaxo junctions, a source GNR reported today.

The accident between the four cars occurred at 7 p.m., causing death, Lusa was told by a 21-year-old woman, Lieutenant Colonel Jose Vier from GNR.

The singer, who is originally from Pampilhosa da Serra, has already arrived at the hospital, where the body of his daughter, who is remembered as the sister of Mikela and David Kerreira, is found.

The car was driven by singer and actor Ivo Lukass (Sarah’s guy), who is in a serious condition at a local hospital.

Singer Bárbara Bandeira and her friend Kasha (from DAMA) were driving another vehicle and will have seen the accident. In addition to the slippery floor, the vehicle in which Sara and Ivo Lukass continued to drive “at speed”.

Sarah Kerreira, 21, is the youngest daughter of Tony Kerreira and Fernanda Antunes.

In 2019, Sara Carreira released her first EP, Half. The artist’s last single “Sem Nobody Knowing”. One of the singer’s best-known songs is “Vou ficar”.

The collision also caused serious injuries and two minor injuries, which were taken to Santarem Hospital and helped two more victims at the scene, a source from the Santarem District Operations Center was added to Lusa.

There were 30 ambulances and 11 vehicles on site, including the Pernes and Santarém fire brigade, the Sapadores de Santarém, the Santarém emergency and resuscitation medical vehicle and the Torres Nova emergency life support ambulance.

The accident occurred in the north / south direction of the A1, which is blocked for traffic between the Santarém and Cartaxo junctions.

Alternatives are the A15 and A8 motorways or the national motorways 03 and 114.

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