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The Nokia 9 comes out with five cameras and new leakage images


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A possible Nokia 9, which is being commissioned to be released since the beginning of the year, will be proud of at least six cameras. To give an idea of ​​what Nokia's new smartphone is, OnLeaks and 91Mobiles have released multiple images and 360-degree videos.

The recordings focus on the design of Nokia 9 and the configuration of the five rear cameras. They seem to be on the back of the smartphone next to the flash and a mysterious black sensor – maybe a fingerprint reader?

(Image: Android device)
(Image: Android device)
(Image: Android device)

It is not yet clear what type of camera will be the installation part. However, we are supposed to have a standard sensor, the other is a telephoto and a very broad target. In addition, the device must also have a black-and-white sensor and a depth sensor. As for the look, Nokia 9 should offer a metal frame and a ratio of 18: 9 without a notch.

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Still, on the display, the home camera may be located on the right side next to two other sensors on the left. If the images appear to be true or close to it, your smartphone will not have multiple front panoramic camera settings.

So far, it's not confirmed whether the Nokia 9 will have a headphone jack and the fingerprint reader is also not visible – this could mean that the six rear sensor actually has this feature, or Nokia will come up with one technology below the display. At the bottom of the frame there are also speakers and USB-C, plus the right-hand buttons and buttons located at the top.

In addition to this information on the smartphone is not much known. However, it's supposed to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and at least 6 GB of RAM. Other specifications include waterproof certification and Android 9 Pie.

Source: Android Authority

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