Wednesday , February 24 2021

The diabetes research center (NEDM) is a challenge for you

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on Wednesday, November 14th. In this context, the Portuguese Institute for Internal Medicine (SPMI) Center for Diabetes Mellitus (NEDM) is challenging the Portuguese population: "The challenge is to encourage families to take one-day experiences in which they do not eat, such as cakes, sweets, grains, non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, as well as many others, "explains NEDM coordinator Stefan Pape.

The goal is to raise citizens' awareness of the dangers of diabetes in an interactive way, leading the Portuguese to a healthier eating style to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, the disease that affects 1 million Portugal in the Diabetes Observatory in Portugal, 500,000 of whom do not know they have an illness . In the world view, about 500 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, a figure that will be exponentially high in the years to come.

According to Speaker of the SPMI, João Araújo Correia, "Through these awareness-raising activities, we have been able not only to improve our overall health, but also to highlight the role of internal medicine professionals in the context of hospitals and the promotion of public debate and science related to various health topics."

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by an increase in blood sugar and a worsening of blood vessels. Its long-term effects are diverse: increased risk of cardiovascular disease, such as acute myocardial infarction or angina, renal failure and blindness.

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