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The daughter of Silvio Santos speaks of an episode with Claudia Leitte

patrícia abravanel, silvio santos and silvia abravanel

Credit: Reproduction / SBTPatrícia and Silvia Abravanel defended Silvio Santos after an episode with Claudia Leitte

Press officer Silvia Abravanela decided to make a controversial episode involving his father, a businessman Silvio Santosand the singer Claudia Leitte, which was limited by the owner SBT live further Teletonlast Saturday, 11th.

She said that her father is a character, respect, manliness, honesty, responsibility, professionalism, respect, especially a neighbor (who really knows you what I mean), a great husband, father, grandfather, grandfather, best person! So, to talk about his honor before anything else, look at his glory! "She said.

Silvia continued to say that "it's time that we did not show this to the girl or this story more morally. That's enough. I lost the time when people had moved away with love and respect and did not bypass attacking each other in the second glory honor. what's going to continue is the inheritance that the father has so far created honestly and always thinking of the next. Greater respect for my father. Be one third of what he is today and then speak well? "He concluded.

silvia abravanel

Credit: Reproduction / SBTSilvia Abravanella rejected Silvio Santos

Patrícia Abravanel Also, he regretted the criticism against Silvio Santos and says that it is all "very sad".

"It's so much evil that I just cried when I thought about it. It's really sad. It's so much injustice to my life, to my father's history and my personality. There is a husband, a businessman, an artist, an artist and also a family who knows him very well, love her, adore her and hear all the abominations with her father. Oh, my God, where do we get, I'm very sad, "he reported.

Another subsidiary host who decided to comment on the case was Daniela Beyruti, who said that he "has listened so absurdly these days". Then she asks, "Would a person be honest, hardworking, super father, grandfather, grandfather, good husband, colleague, decades old communicator, and a man who always sowed good, even harassed a woman before his wife and daughters, or did you do his own job , playing on stage with another artist? I missed the TV for last year, where there was a lot of joke and a little embarrassment. The outbreak of a daughter, "he concluded.

daniela beyruti

Credit: Reproduction / InstagramDaniel Beyruti defended Silvio Santos


Claudia Leitte was wearing a pink dress for a brief and brief night's presentation at Teleton, SBT, when she was surprised by silly comments by Silvio Santos.

The driver refused to compliment him, saying that "this ragged thing turns me on and I do not like to get excited." "The way you introduce yourself suggests that you want to get out of the chair, cut it out and then look for comfort […] I did not know that you showed up in this outfit, that's new, "he snapped.

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Credit: Reproduction / Twitter Claudia Leitte was uncomfortable at the Teleton stage of 2018 after the siege of Silvio Santos

Claudinha said, "Wherever I go, my return is complete. It must be with all love in the world, especially when it comes to promoting one another. I felt embarrassed, yes! When we go through such episodes, we see an example , which happens to many women every day, in many places. It's angry, ruthless, it hurts us and creates fears, "he wrote.

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