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The 165-million-kroon capital is funded by three ocean-going operators, Mário Ferreira

The Chinese ICBC Leasing, Industrial and Commercial Bank will finance more than 165 million euros, there were three ocean-going vessels for national cruises, today's Portuguese businessman Mário Viana do Castelo announced Liosa. Ferreira

Speaking about Lusa today, Western European shipyards Viana do Castelo, signing an agreement on the construction of two ships' polar expeditions, with a total estimated value of € 118 million, the Mystic Cruises Administrator, part of the Mystic Invest group, explained that the financing of the Chinese bank would "allow it accelerate the construction and expansion of the ocean cruise ship fleet ".

"Misticus cruises and ICBC leasing have agreed on a" sale and charter return financing model with a repurchase obligation, "he said.

"The enormous success of the commercialization of these programs has led us to look at solutions outside of Portugal that will enable us to accelerate our fleet expansion plan." These three ships are the first of the planned 10-ocean cruise ship fleet, "he said, a Portuguese businessman.

Currently, Mystic Cruises is being built by the subcontractors of the extinct Viana do Castelo shipyards (ENVC), the first of these ships in the "World Explorer", shipyards, with more than 70 million euros.

According to Mário Ferreira, "the financing agreement was determined by the active search of Mystic Cruises in order to achieve viable financing solutions to accelerate fleet growth, which resulted in the Portuguese company undertaking a travel exhibition in China."

"About eight months ago, we started a road show between Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, where we contacted the ten Chinese banks and organizations interested in financing our project. The interests of ICBC, the world's largest bank, and their proposal was in line with what we want it, and this allows us, with equity investments, to accelerate the development of the ocean fleet, "said Mário Ferreira.

According to the Administrator of the Mystic Invest group, the administrator of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Montepio and Banco Carregosa will provide financing during the construction period, as sales and financing of the bonus will only be realized after completion of the shipbuilding. "

"With the funding provided, Mystic Cruises is moving forward with the construction of two new ocean cruise ships – World Voyager and World Navigator, which will join the World Explorer, which is already in the final stages of construction at the Viana do Castel, Western Shipyards," he said.

These ICE-class Explorer ships, "which can swim in ice-free waters up to one meter thick, will carry luxury cruises and expeditions around the world and in destinations that are as remote as Antarctica and the Arctic."

In view of their maneuverability, they will also visit other areas and ports where a mega package can not enter, which becomes an advantage and additional passengers. "

Mário Ferreira also pointed to "the need to quickly expand the fleet to meet the huge market demand, which is the main reason for formalizing this agreement."

"During this time, World Explorer has not yet completed its first voyage, but has already purchased all Antarctic cruises sold until 2023. By 2019, programs in the Arctic, the Norwegian Fjords, Greenland, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea that are traded with a German operator Nicko Cruises belonging to the Mystic group is also sold out, "he revealed.

Western Europe's shipyards are building the World Explorer, the first-class ship, and "will be ready with passengers during the trip in April 2019, as it is the first cruise ship with these qualities to be wholly produced in Portugal."

Equipped with a sophisticated hybrid drive system developed in conjunction with Rolls-Royce, it will also be one of the most advanced in this class in the world. "


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