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Tesla: The US's Top Selling Car is Back to American (and Electric) Real Estate Management

Tesla's controversial boss defined 2018 as "the most difficult", but in a letter to markets that accompany the results of the fourth and last quarters published on Wednesday evening, the electric vehicle manufacturer's management prefers: the adjective: "decisive". And it can give thanks to a car that cost so much to be profitable, Model 3, but it helped a California company close the year in beauty: revenue increased quarterly to close profits (this is only the fourth time). stable reserve cash flow climb and model supplement "This is the first time that for decades the American manufacturer has been able to maintain this first place," the letter notes.

In financial terms, the result is not what the most optimistic market analysts expected. And the price of the company, which had risen by just over 3% on Wednesday, immediately reflected this result, which fell by 2% in the first minutes after Wall Street was closed.

Compared to the quarterly reports reported in October 2018, the end of the year allowed an increase of $ 230 million in car sales, from $ 6,098 million to $ 6,323 million. This is a 4% successive increase, but a similar result is a 134% brightness compared to 2700 million in the last quarter of 2017.

Including other business lines (energy, batteries, and services), total revenue reached $ 7225 million, which is $ 400 million more than in the previous quarter – $ 6.824 million.

This difference dropped from 25.5% in the third quarter of 2018 to 24.7%, reflecting the company's growth pain that last year caused two redundancies – the last one announced in December – quarterly 91,000 cars, 63.359 being model 3 that hit the European market in February.

Although the market was already waiting for another quarter of earnings, taking into account the figures released and this figure was $ 139 million (311 million in the previous quarter) – this announcement of results was highly anticipated as Tesla sees US $ 920 million in a month Dollar Bond Issue, launched in 2014.

This is the biggest debt that Tesla has ever faced. But according to the letter, shareholders and investors can relax easily. "We have enough money in our hands to fulfill the commitments due in March 2019," read the results report.

Accounts Accepted: In 2018, the US sold about 140,000 of Model 3, more than 115,000 Lexus RXs in second place, far from Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC, which sold about 70,000. unit. Tesla notes that it only provides for the growth of the domestic market for electric vehicles, which is still only 2%, but for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2018, there was a 100% increase in electricity sales above the hybrids in the US.

This shows that the US electric propulsion engine with relatively easy-to-beat old drivers in the mid to mid range with an internal combustion engine. By 2019, the question is whether Tesla manages this advantage without the tax relief that the Washington government has decided to cut by 50% this year.

By the end of 2019, Tesla expects that model 3 will also be built in China for Giga Factory 3, which is being built in Shanghai. This is a great investment that the company has already got used to, and it is only a car builder founded 15 years ago. In 2018, investment reached $ 2,240 million.

In order to meet domestic demand as well as the first European model 3 customers, it is expected that the Freemont plant will grow to a weekly output of 7000 units.

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