Wednesday , February 8 2023

Tesla joins the Porto Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon – an observer


The American electric vehicle brand continues to cement their presence among us. When stand of the existing sales in Lisbon, located at El Corte Inglés, is now the second fixed trade area, which is intended for large port services this time. Also integrated in El Corte Inglés, but in the new Gaia stand will allow customers to get acquainted with Tesla's models and graphics test discs, in addition to the configuration of their vehicles and, if they agree, to purchase them.

In addition to these two rigid trading venues, Tesla regularly collects other temporary exhibition areas that it is pop ups, as they are already in Braga and the Algarve region, especially in the summer months. Over time, the planned assistance area is still planned, but there is no specific date.

The commercial strengthening in the northern part of the country takes place just in time to meet the new 3rd model, which is likely to reach Europe by the end of the first half of 2019, and which is considering a bid at a price that is most likely more than 40,000 euros. Therefore, it is assumed that it is the least expensive range that includes the S and X models.

Tesla's customers rely on five compressor stations spread across the country, with 44 fast chargers of 120 kWh, which are much stronger than the national fast-charging stations with a maximum capacity of 50 kWh to replenish their battery models. In addition to these 44 compressors, Tesla also has 107 sites called Destination Charging with low power installed in hotels, restaurants, shops and large shopping places where customers can charge their batteries for free.

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