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Tesla is about to launch insurers and blowers – Observer

Although it reported a loss in the last quarter, after two-quarters of the profits, the American electric vehicle manufacturer is in good condition in terms of output. Its current range, which includes the S model (presented in 2012), the X model (2015) and the 3rd model (2017), will be strengthened in the next 12 months by the Y, Semi, Pick-Up and Roadster model, which is a leap forward automaker, which is still a little more than one Startup.

But if there is something that Tesla is always attentive to, it is the criticism of its customers who complain that they pay a very high premium for their vehicles, perhaps because they are electric. That's why brand leader Elons Musks announced in May that he would start insurance to offer his customers the best conditions. To achieve this, Tesla hired former insurance executive Liberty Mutual, Alex Tsetsenekos to manage the customer's Centric Insurance Company.

Musk says the insurer "will be more competitive than any other", which is not surprising given that, according to the Insurance Institute, the S model is the most expensive, both average and collision insurance. .

Along with the "serious things", musk also arranged time for his "joke". According to unforgettable (and crazy) hats, flames and the latest Teslaquila shows, Tesla built a blower. As it couldn't have been, electric action. It is possible that the trademark owner's decision was made thanks to the announcement by California environmental activists that a two-hour combustion engine fan pollutes as much as a family vehicle traveling 1,600 km. This makes sense because, although small catalytic converters or particle filters for fans, mowers and similar petrol engines are not enough and because they are two-stroke, they add a good amount of oil to the exhaust.

Of course the leaf blower will be less cumbersome than flaming and essentially more environmentally friendly. However, it will certainly be less tasty than Teslaquila.

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