Wednesday , February 24 2021

Spotify officially arrives at Apple Watch – iOS

After some time, the Apple Music Clock was officially distributed as a music service application during the test.

You will no longer need to charge an MP3 player or interact with your smartphone while jogging if you want to listen to music. Apple Watch, in addition to fitness features, receives the official Spotify application with special song listening features "on the way"With the program, you can access your favorite songs, playlists or listen to podcasts.

The application is designed to allow users to better manage the service while at the same time able to interact secretly with other devices or speakers using Spotify Connect. More important is the ability to listen to offline songs and podcasts, thus releasing online connections during physical activity.

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The interface looks simple and offers the usual buttons to play, pause, or skip themes. In case you are listening to a podcast, if you lose a pinch, there's nothing like a 15-second retreat to get back to the conversation. Even statements were developed and included in the application. Spotify lets you quickly add favorites to your favorites by touching the heart icon next to the name.

To access the application, you must have the latest Spotify version (8.4.79.), Which will be available today in the App Store.

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