Wednesday , May 25 2022

Samsung launches new prepaid smartphone


Samsung has launched a new laptop connected to a folding smartphone. The picture was shared with Twitter, as well as with a profile photo on Facebook on Samsung Mobile. The image is a folded Samsung logo, and, judging by the taste and number of comments, people are quite excited.

The latest teaser comes a few weeks after the Samsung video on Twitter Twitter discovered the device using an animated icon that was moved similarly as we expect the device to put together.

The company is scheduled to showcase Samsung premier smartphone information this week. However, we do not know exactly what the company will feel.

The new interface will be presented this week

During a conference call in Korean media, Samsung revealed that the event was intended to provide an interface. Samsung said in advance that it wants a folding smartphone to offer a one-time experience, and the new interface is likely to be decisive.

However, we still do not know if we will really see the final design of this device or not.

Currently, it is not known how the market will react. It is unlikely that the sales figures of this product on the market in the first year will exceed 1 million units. Thus, at an early stage, only 100,000 units should be produced. Obviously, this involves a number of challenges, namely knowing how the market will react.

An overlooked smartphone theoretically looks very interesting. However, nobody knows what consumers are saying about a device that is even more expensive than the Galaxy Note 9 and with a slightly larger body.

Screen size

The device's price and overall thickness have grown, as Samsung has chosen a 4.6-inch and 7.3-inch display combination. When it is closed, the larger internal display is inactive. You can still use the smallest panel on the outside.

Basically, it's a 2-in-1 hybrid with smartphone and tablet features. With that in mind, it will not be hard to imagine that battery life and durability will be important issues.

To avoid many problems, the Samsung Galaxy F (still unsupported name) boot will help gradually bend the device, leaving a small gap between the two screens in the fold, to avoid direct impact.

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