Saturday , June 10 2023

RTP Staff Committee finds "shame in luxury lease"


The RTP Workers' Commission stated in a statement that it was surprised at the announcement of the recruitment of two journalists at the RTP-TV Information Directorate.

In this case, Càndida Pinto and Helen Garrido were accompanied by Maria Flor Pedroso. The first journalist was SIC, where she was an international editor, while the second was an RTP commentator, as well as teaching and co-operating in newspapers.

"The role of this committee is not to decide on the legitimate choice of the Information Director, or the capabilities of the recruited journalists for which we have nothing to say, but we have to consider that the RTP administration is scandalizing the approval of these luxury contracts," the statement said.

The Commission raises a protest that salary updates have not been available over the last ten years. In addition, the company refuses to "recognize the justice of hundreds and hundreds of unsafe workers, many of them journalists."

Considered the new Director of RTP; Maria Flor Pedroso, "is to legitimately hire anyone you want," despite the perception that the solution might be found in the company. They no longer accept that the Board of Directors, that is, its chairman, accepts this work, arguing that it can not be continued.

"The RTP-TV Information Directorate's" novel ", human resource management and government sequential catastrophic decisions are characterized by immediate government intervention challenges," the statement said.

It concludes: "It is unacceptable that public company management, which does not comply with court decisions on recruitment, can now request exceptions granted to ministers in respect of these claims. Even more so, it is unacceptable if we understand that we have the Portuguese Government that passively accepts this little shame. "

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