Sunday , January 29 2023

Richard Hammond thinks the new defender should not be called a defender


Land Rover would always be very difficult to replace Defender, we already knew that. Some controversial voices, especially from the most ardent fans of the original, almost agree that new defender it is a great product, although this modern reincarnation is always haunted by the same question: is it a worthy heir to the original?

Richard Hammond of The Grand Tour, in his distinctive Drive Tribal test, will try to answer this existential question.

In this video, we see you … take your dog for a walk, while getting to know the young driver you are driving a little better. Let us even know your Land Rover I Series, the entire Land Rover father to this day, of which the new Defender is the direct heir to the tribe, which appears to be in the middle of a 10-year restoration – in appearance no one would say …

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