Tuesday , May 30 2023

Regional Department of Health received recognition from the Minister of Health for the speed of vaccination against human papillomavirus


Vaccine Detection and Vaccination against HPV, introduced in 2008
national and regional vaccination plans are, in fact, important
a historic milestone, introducing new horizons for cancer prevention
caused by this virus and undeniable progress in medicine
company, "said Tiago Lopes.

According to Gaca's note, the regional director, speaking at Museu dos Coches, is currently
a ceremony in which the President of the Republic participated
Portuguese, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Director General of Health Graça
Freitas highlighted vaccination rates in the Azores, marking it
is a reference in the national context: "In
In 2015, 71.5% of girls born in 2003 were two doses
of the HPV vaccine, but last year – the number of girls
two doses of vaccine increased to 98.1%, suggesting that
In the Azores, despite the restrictions of the archipelago, in difficulty
opportunities arise and we are expected to receive better rates
coverage over the coming years ".

national and regional indicators for 2015 can be seen
that the third dose of HPV is the best value
the continental territory was 92%, but the lowest –
was 95%.

HPV is a carcinogen for pre-cancerous lesions
cervix, vagina, vulvar and throat lower genital and invasive cancers,
cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death
In Portugal for women of childbearing potential.

a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the HPV vaccination
The Azores Commission for Technical Vaccines presented as
also sample region
cervical cancer.

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