Tuesday , March 9 2021

PS against confidentiality in the agreement between Altice and InvestBraga

Members of the Council of Câmara de Braga will submit a complaint to the Commission regarding access to administrative documents, as they have imposed a confidentiality clause to negotiate an agreement between Altice and InvestBraga.

At the end of the executive meeting, in the normal conversation with journalists, the three executive directors Ricardo Rio (PDS / CDS-PP / PPM) reported that they had to sign a confidentiality agreement so that they could consult the sponsorship agreement between Altice and the municipal company headed by Braga a forum that, according to socialist words, "gives rise to distrust" and suggests that the aforementioned sponsor is a "cat."

Faced with the accusations of Mr PS, Ricardo Rio rejected the allegations of lack of transparency, explaining that it was a "signed contract in the field of private law" and that the confidentiality of "party protection", Altice and InvestBraga.

"We were asked the documents that we requested for several months and they were strangely asked to sign a confidentiality agreement on an agreement between Meo and the Economic Dynamics Agency (InvestBraga)," explained Socialist Advisor Artur Neglit.

For this socialist "this creates unnecessary distrust, it must be rejected, and this leads to the suspicion that there is a cat".

With regard to Miguel Corais, who was the leader of the PS in the 2013 municipal council list, the application of this confidentiality agreement "reflects this executive power and what is public administration," noting that "InvestBraga is a public company and inevitably oversee the opposition."

"This agreement I even understand that Altice wants to be confidential, the autarchy is such that it can not have this agreement and pass it on to us [vereadores da oposição] an obligation to respect a confidentiality agreement to defend Altice's rights, "he said.

For this reason, advisor Feio said the members of the PS council will "take action" against what they regard as a "dictatorial path" for the management of the municipality: "We will file a complaint to the Commission about access to administrative documents. This is a test document and allows you to analyze the governance of a municipality public enterprise," he assured.

The chairman of the municipality does not raise the issue of lack of transparency in this process: "There is no lack of transparency. In cases where the applicable norms are not respected, in this case all the norms are observed, the procedures are absolutely legal, the conditions are clearly, carefully checked, they can not only be public , but also defended the mayor.

According to Rio, the agreement, which granted the new name to the Braga Forum, was renamed the Altice Forum Braga's dome space, was marked by private law and not a public procurement procedure. "

"The advisers can consult with him, join him, but they should have the confidentiality of the contract. I myself and then the administrator [da InvestBraga que, entretanto, deixou o cargo] Carlos Oliveira, we do not publicly use contract terms, "he explained.

When confronted with the cause, Rio stated that it was Altice's will.

"Because we were asked to do this by a private partner and we acted and realized that this is so. If the terms of this type of contract were publicly disclosed, I believe that Altice would have all the chambers of the State saying that they wanted to enter into a contract with them in such circumstances ", he stressed.

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