Saturday , June 10 2023

Pinto da Costa heard in court by email | Football


Futebol Clube do Porto heard this Friday's ministry of central investigations and criminal justice (DCIAP) in Lisbon on e-mail matters. After Benfica filed a complaint against FC Porto on the inside statement of the Light Club, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa became Porto Canal's administrator.

SAD administrators Adelino Caldeira, Fernando Gomes, Rui Vieira Sá and Reinaldo Teles will also be heard on Friday, who have been notified by the prosecutor's office in the past week to announce that Francisco J. declared the company. Marques

In addition, the person responsible for the communication is the only defendant in this investigation. DCIAP is examining the disclosure of domain emails following Benfica's complaint, which allegedly includes crimes, robbery, and privacy. Relevant e-mail addresses are the basis for investigating alleged cases of corruption involving the Light Club.

The contents of this internal message were made public on 6 June last year when Francisco J. Marques from Porto opened the e-mails exchanged between Adão Mendes, a former judge of the Braga Football Association, and the contents of Pedro Guerra Benfica TV and the TVI commentator. According to the Porto Communications Director, e-mails show the existence of a possible "corruption scheme" [na arbitragem] to benefit Benfi. "

A different investigation is one that investigates and not discloses information but this e-mail theft. They will be acquired by Rui Pinto, a new Portuguese hacker who will live in Hungary, the main suspect in this process.

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