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Mozilla Thunderbird 60.5 arrives with the support of WeTransfer

It is true that email clients have undergone many changes in recent years. If Outlook was an almost "required" tool on any email management computer, today most users access the web service directly through a simple browser.

For those who still need a client to manage email, try the new Thunderbird 60.5, which provides WeTransfer service.

For those looking for a full and free email client, Thunderbird is undoubtedly the best solution. This Mozilla tool is characterized by a very light email client, unlike other genre customers, and has a highly organized and clean interface.

Mozilla Thunderbird 60.5 and WeTransfer

There are not many new Thunderbird 60.5 messages. However, we emphasize the integration of this email client with the WeTransfer file transfer service through Filelink. Allows WeTransfer service users send up to 2 GB of information without paying anything.

This Mozilla email client also received support for adding OpenSearch search engines from a local XML file; DuckDuckGo and Google are also added as standard search engines in specific locations; and “is now also compatible with WebExtension-based FileLink additions, such as the“ Dropbox Add-on ”.

Another improvement is related to creating accounts based on Microsoft Exchange protocol.

Mozilla Thunderbird 60.5

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