Wednesday , December 1 2021

Maximum penalty for a woman who ordered her to kill her husband and crime breaker – Portugal


A woman who had killed her husband in Chaves was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, as well as 26-year-old Carlos Rodrigues who committed a crime.

Both were convicted of murder and the crime was committed outside the house where the couple lived.

The case is dated January 17, 2017.

Vila Real Court began in April to sue a woman suspected of having been murdered by her husband, and the man proposed to pay an undetermined amount to commit a crime.

The group's chairman felt that "it was clear that the two accused had committed a crime and that it was a" mercenary mercenary, "in which the motivation for both money was money.

"To kill money," the judge has "the most serious murder situation" and "reminds the neophyte mafia".

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