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Learn how to turn on the new dark mode for Android Chrome

Google has focused on introducing dark mode to Android. There are already many of your apps that have this read mode available and ready to use.

Usually, a small change of configuration is required, but in Chrome's case it requires a few more steps. Today we'll show you this configuration, which will show Chrome in dark mode.

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Despite having long been tested, the dark mode on Android is now included in version 74.

How to prepare dark mode for Chrome on Android

In the case of Android, and already in Chrome's 74th version, just access this browser zone. To do this, insert the address chrome: // flags.

Then insert into the search box Chrome dark mode. Change the default setting to On and restart your browser. It will have a button to insert it into the interface.

Turn on reading mode in Google browser

Now that this browser has dark mode, it's time to configure it. It doesn't follow Android settings yet, so it needs to be activated. Go to the settings for this browser

Then inside, they should look for the Dark Mode option and enter. All you have to do is turn on the switch and it will immediately become active and ready to be used by all users of this browser.

User end result

Now that the new reading mode is active, it will be immediately visible. It will interface with both the settings area and other areas of Chrome. You can see it on the tab list and even on the browser page.

Whenever you want to return to this mode, you need to access the settings again and change the switching position to off mode. You can manage these browsers manually.

Again, Google offers Chrome's many features that users require. Dark mode protects users as well as allows the battery to be permanently stored while it is active.

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