Tuesday , March 9 2021

Knowledge and understanding of diabetes – an observer

Every year, the International Federation for Diabetes, the IDF, is organizing annually since November 14 to raise awareness among diabetics and diabetics around the world.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that has a worldwide prevalence of over 500 million people, and in Portugal it has been found that more than one million people and possibly more than 500 thousand people are not aware of their condition.

In 2018, the IDF and scientific organizations, such as patient associations, are trying to raise Portuguese attention to the exponential problem that this chronic disease describes in a campaign with the motto "Family and Diabetes."

People with diabetes and healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, dietary doctors, and psychologists all over the country are involved in many initiatives that promote awareness of the "real world" associated with diabetes and people living with them and living with them every day. .

The involvement of people with diabetes is a "family" duty, so to say, everyone living and living with limitations and responsibilities, as well as diabetes mellitus, often complicated, as well as their daily achievements, as well as their joy and sorrow.

The Portuguese people's understanding of the reality of the "disease situation" is extremely important in changing their attitude in everyday life, so the core of the diabetes research community of the Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine is provoking the Portuguese to lead a healthy diet, and especially during the World Diabetes Day, to experiment with regulating consumption of sugar and sugary products.

Ideally, there will undoubtedly be the experience of a "diabetic day" and diabetes and his family's everyday life.

Living with diabetes is sometimes not easy, but it is possible with engagement in therapy, whether it is self-check education, or the fact that the use of multiple and complex medicines from insulin is used in a variety of oral medications, difficult

Everyday, the reality of diabetes is changing, that is, there are no one and the same day, and this understanding must be for everyone to actually improve the health of the population as a whole.

Expecting that there are only few healthcare professionals involved, we all need to get involved.

Science and medicine are growing worldwide, but not enough is enough to find out more and better, and the discovery of new drugs and forms of surveillance is not enough.

as well as the role of diabetes research institutions, the Portuguese Internal Medicine Society and its main focus on diabetes research are involved in a number of activities to raise awareness about prevention in the future both in the hospital and by promoting public consultation on how the counseling process is actually conducted across the country.

Sensitizing custody is also our responsibility – for all professionals, but basically for people with diabetes and their families.

The organization of the National Diabetes Control Program is urgent and unchanged, and we are all "alert": today there should not be a problem tomorrow.

Sensitively affecting the Portuguese experience of "diabetic someday" or "day without sugar or sugar" will definitely contribute to life with lesser disease in the future, in particular by eliminating the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Continuing training in all Portuguese education and training activities will certainly promote more and better health as well as more and better public health services.

NEDM Kernel Coordinator, Portuguese Intra-Medical Association for diabetes research

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