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In 2019, Casa da Música travels to the Musical House for the wealth of American music


After ten years of programming, according to the theme country, Casa da Música expands its vision and turns to the "New World" next year. It was the Florentine researcher, Amerigo Vespucci, who defended the existence of a new continent in the sixteenth century, full of mysteries and riches, and wrote to the patron, Lourenço de Medici, the famous letter that could be called Mundus Novus. From North to South, America has given the world a mix of sound and music contributed by the confrontation between local music and European colonial music. Musical genres such as tango, jazz, samba or bossa nova were born on the American continent. "The new world has a very poor approbation attitude and the use of popular music in erudite compositions," explains António Jorge Pacheco.

The artistic director of Casa da Música says that the marriage between great European compositions and music from local American and African nations is a "tradition that is very different from the European musical tradition", thus creating a "very rich repertoire". After studying musical works in Brazil and the United States in 2009 and 2010, Casa da Música returns to American sounds and in January reveals the "New World" with the festival. Give the world a new world. Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, a European resident in New York, deserves special mention with the famous New World Symphony, which will be "inspired by the songs of cotton plantation workers", that is, slave music.

Also at the beginning of the year two of the most anticipated seasonal cycles are revealed, such as the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Integral, which will be known by the maestros, such as the Russians Michail Jurovski or Vasily Sinaisky, under the direction of the symphony orchestra, and the cycle Great Orchestral Songs. Various groups of dwellings, such as the Baroque Orchestra, Remix ensemble and Symphony, will cover this musical genre from Pergolesi Baroque to the varied Jörg Widmann, a German clarinet player, conductor and composer for 400 years.

Play and discuss the music of women

"Widmann is one of the current events in international music," says António Jorge Pacheco, adding that the musician "will be an artist living in these three qualities and always with his works." Classical music giants such as Mozart, Wagner or Strauss will also take part in the cycle. It is also worth mentioning Music and revolution, which will allow a detailed look at the work of the Hungarian composer Gjörgy Ligeti, "an excellent 20th century revolutionary," says António Jorge Pacheco.

Marco Borggreve

Still in Thematic Cycles Invicta.Música.Filmes, "the festival" was playing live iconic movies with music, "who" strives to reach a dialogue with an audience other than the regular, cinema-maker, and makes music listen, "acknowledges the artistic director of the institution. Gold Chimera (1925) Symphony Orchestra, with music and film from Charles Chaplin and Drumming – Percussion Group will be responsible Golden age (1930), Luis Buñuela cult film with Salvador Dali's script and Martin Matalon's music.

O Music for women Acquires the political sphere "Music House", with a gender equality of more than 20 composers dedicated to the cycle flag with a repertoire from the twelfth century to the present. "As a cultural institution, Casa da Música should not be excluded from the discussion of major societal themes," António Jorge Pacheco. The festival taking place in September will bring together five resident groups of teachers such as Sian Edwards, who will be responsible for the Remix Ensemble. The festival has international titles, such as Sofia Guibadulina and Rebecca Saunders, as well as Portugal's Clotilde Rosa and Ãngela da Ponte.

"Usually the direction of the orchestra is connected with the maestro maestro authoritarian figure," says António Jorge Pacheco. "Some orchestras even offer resistance [a ser conduzidas por mulheres], so this is the topic we want to discuss. "

The conference Is a woman a human future? will be one of the highlights of the program and will bring together Marian Mortagu, pianists and former cultural minister Gabriel Canavilhasu and Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Rosa Monteiro.

Meeting with the people

Turning to each station, a new thematic cycle takes place, as in the case with Spring Festival, which begins with the idea of ​​"restoring nature to focus on new musical values ​​and new talents". In this respect, the main focus is on initiatives such as Spring!, which highlights the new European jazz trends and ECHO Rising Starswhere they stand out promising chamber music interpreters at international level.

As usual, the sun and summer heat bring Casa da Música to street streets in open air concerts, aimed at "making music for all the people, especially those who do not have classical music and symphony". In the summer, under the direction of the house, a symphony orchestra plays in Vila Nova de Gaia, Maia, Matosinhos and Avenida dos Aliados, where this initiative has been particularly successful in previous editions. "There were already 20 thousand people [nos concertos dos Aliados], which is 20 times larger than Saga Saga, "notes António Jorge Pacheco.

Jazz is again captured in October with the Autumn Jazz Festival, "which wants to showcase new jazz musicians and stage musicians who are not yet integrated into the music chain." Some of the suggestions include musicians such as Danilo Perez, John Patjucci, duo Tony Allen / Jeff Mills, and routine collaboration with the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra.

The artistic director also notes the forthcoming pianist Khatiya Bunitsashvili's debut, "playing in the most prestigious international places," as well as the return of the conductor and composer Péter Eötvös, who will lead the symphony orchestra and the Remix ensemble, and will debut the concert violin. The 2019 season, celebrated as the Year of the Voice, will be celebrated with several concerts capella from the choir of Casa da Música, which celebrates ten years in the next year.

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