Monday , March 8 2021

Hospital administrators warn of "big constraints" for a nursing strike – Cm ao Minuto

Alexandre Lourenço, President of the Association of Portuguese Hospital Administrators, is classified as "very worrisome" for surgical disputes by nurses, as it will cause great difficulty in accessing health care, especially as it has been extended over time.

Two trade union unions demanded a strike lasting more than a month since November 22, which should focus on at least three major hospital emergency units, the idea of ​​stopping, which initially began with the movement of nurses and has already collected more than 350 thousand euros in the fund, to compensate professionals who will not be paid.

Alexandre Lourenço believes that this strike "can create a lot of restrictions" and "harm people in need of healthcare" by inviting the government and professional organizations to stop this strike by negotiating the agreement between the parties.

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