Tuesday , February 7 2023

Google removes more than 3 billion links in 2017 – the world


According to the report "How does Google fight piracy," 3 billion Internet sites have been deleted due to special means to protect the owners' copyrights.

According to a report published today by Google How It Works Against Piracy, Google has released more than 3 billion links to web pages in 2017 as part of its anti-piracy campaign.

The document explains that these links have been deleted from your search engine due to special tools that protect the copyright of web site owners who seem to have been successful because of network piracy "has fallen all over the world."

The company reduces advertising money to sites that are known to be piracy offenders and did not allow 10 million ads to be placed on these websites in 2017.

Google has also taken steps to prevent Google Fingerprint from being submitted to Google Drive, and then downloaded bulk, that is, files that are downloaded from most of the remote server to your local computer.

Google also fights against hacking in the Play Store.

Google has announced that it is fighting piracy in the Play Store, an Apps store that uses the Android operating system.

In this case, 250,000 applications have been removed in violation of the terms and conditions of use that Google has imposed on the fight against piracy.

In the report, Google said its main purpose was to make computer hacking "to not make more profit" for those who distribute illegal content.

Google's document suggests that using the Play Store and YouTube it helps creators and original content distribute their work legally to multiple users.

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