Friday , January 28 2022

From Mario to Bunny Ears: Huge Fun Range for Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe


In all the different platforms it launches, Nintendo knows that it has similar stones in the field of intellectual property. It has been so over time, but it is also true that the commercial failure of Nintendo Wii U did not allow some of the exclusive names to reach the audience that the Japanese house was waiting for, so it is no surprise to see some of the works previously owned by the Wii U, a leap to the Nintendo Switch.

According to titles such as Captain Toad and Mario Kart 8, last Friday, January 11th, it was a New Super Mario Bros round. U win a new house – and add a Deluxe name. Among the news are the faces attached to the case, namely Toadette and Rabbit. However, these new assumptions for character selection directly affect the game's ability to play if it is your will.

In addition to both messages, players can also choose Mario, Luigi and Toad, which may be yellow or blue. Since New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (for analysis) is the number of multiplayers up to four players at the same time, the new characters turn out to be the target audience, and hence the number of players who can ask about the title – without much to share in the game sessions.

Both Toadette and Bunnyfish have unique capabilities. Rather, completely changing the degree of difficulty required. When she raises the supercoroa, Toadette becomes Peachette, which allows her, for example, to make a double jump and use her dress to slip for a long time. It is not surprising that this alone can significantly facilitate the transposition of some of the obstacles at more than one hundred and sixty levels (164) included in the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

Bunnyhead is even more radical change. Anyone who chooses it does not suffer from enemies. No wonder his description in the character selection menu is "Very Simple". While many cannot appreciate all these elements that are understandable, these new characters eliminate the obstacles that local multiplayer sessions might impose. are beginners in the video game arena or are not in the genre of a great skill platform.

Since each Nintendo Switch includes two Joy-Con, they will simply not be connected to the console itself to have multi-player two-player sessions available. In practice, the most skilled player can continue to choose Mario or Luigi, while the casual person can join the fun by choosing one of the new characters. Thus, Nintendo does not take away the title of the 2D platform for the game, but rather extends it to a more inclusive market.

A significant part of my stay in the new version of New Super Mario Bros. U was handed over to another bodily and blood player company. With precise gameplay-related levels, design allows you to let all levels of experience and dexterity shine, even when the new Super Luigi U expansion is included, which means that the most demanding hurdles here are those who are already accustomed to these trips.

There is something refreshing and contemplative when two players stop following some graphic details. For example, a gelatin jungle has a level called Painted Swamp, a great place to talk about how graphic style seems to have inspired Van Gogh's work. This type of local multiplayer is an opportunity to be vocal about what would otherwise be thought.

Of course, occasionally, especially in cloud scenarios, it will be possible to lose life through collisions between characters. It is part of the charm – of course, when players avoid the blame, but hours later "is part of the charm." Hot and pre-smile are moments when grimaces dominate and an attempt to meet glitter. The same may apply to how sometimes the greed or carelessness of players can lead to undemocratic proliferation of Power-Ups. It happens.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has never been a bad game. I think it's not too much again for those who have already bought that Nintendo Wii U, but I also think it is not Nintendo's intention. Switch, thanks to the characters, is fun for everyone, and no one can say they don't want to play because "they don't see anything about games". It's not a must as a Super Mario Odyssey, but Nintendo shows – or remembers – that it is still in the best positions on two fronts: the 2D platform genre and how it feels its names are fun for all the public.

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