Friday , January 28 2022

Firefighters protest forces joining the Ministry of Labor


Ofirefighters from the Lisbon protest, this Monday afternoon in London, for forced entry to the Ministry of Labor.

About 150 peacekeepers who have branded tried to "pierce" the Security Barrier created by the Public Security Police that have emerged that caused tension.

The goal of the firefighters was send a letter of protest to the Minister, t in which they require an "adequate age limit for retirement" and "salary risk depending on occupation".

Then firefighters usually landed on the floor in front of the ministry, but in the meantime, they stopped traffic near London Square. When they take the road, the protesters shout, "Don't take bread from us."

Traffic goes to Avenida João XXI, Lusa said on the spot.

Firefighting competitions are announcing proposals such as raising the age limit of 60 years for retirement and reducing the basic salary of these specialists.

The miners also announced a 15-day strike from 22 January at 00:00 and ended on 5 February.

They represent banners between horns, whistles and sirens "Firefighters at age 60 Who saves?" or "Firefighters say there is no career destruction and retirement".

Despite being a manifestation of the Lisbon, the professionals supported the Setúbal fire brigade and another Tavira (Faro district).

Secondly António Pascoal, from the Workers' Union of Lisbonand also the firefighting team, the new status, especially the raising of the retirement age, could jeopardize the relief offered to the population, as well as the dismissal of the profession due to low wages.

Already Ricardo Ribeiro, one of 150 firefighters protests, questioned whether it is possible for a firefighter to work at the age of 60 because of the threat to the rescue of the population.

"At the age of 60, the load on the machine is more than 30 kilograms, it is thermal stress, there are situations when people need to take 80 or 100 kilograms of burning housing. We can't serve the population with quality."

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