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Eliana and Dave – Casal relieves pressure: "I do not involve hearts"


After leaving from Lídia and Francis, now there are five couples who are married at first glance. This week, on November 5, couples had to know the houses they would share.

After you've returned from the honeymoon earlier, Eliana is committed to building a life alongside Dave. However, the couple seems to be showing a lot of dislike. "It's not worth it to be very confident, because day-to-day is a day, and relationships are such. It can quickly bring about a great return. I am convinced that we can work on our relationship and deepen what we have begun to build," says Dave

In the new house, Eliana and Dave try a double bed and, downstairs, shake hands. The couple start to decorate the new home, and Davey is worried about the woman standing between her and the surf. "This is not a race," says a fitness trainer who believes Eliana will enjoy sports.

Eliana says she is not accustomed to a rhythm of life like her husband who wakes up at six in the morning. "Although we are legally married, it takes time and I do not have the hope that someone who loves me binds me," says Eliana, who admits that it's "not easy" to connect with Dave.

"I talk more about my best friend than against him," Eliana explains, admitted that the last relationship ended, because she had no time for the church. Dave explains that Eliana's current relationship is related to past problems. "I do not feel responsible for how to solve it. I do not record the hearts. It's not me."

Anna admits she's hugging Hugo

In the new house, Hugo seems to be more enthusiastic than Ana and even enthusiastic when he sees a wedding photo. The Enchantment is soon recaptured by the bride's cold. "Do not get wet," complains Hugo.

"It's amazing that seven days when you're driving from an uncontrollable smile is so well thought out," says truck driver.

Hugo begins to accuse Ana of resignation. "She's damaged," says Hugo. The fitness instructor admits she is on the move and this behavior is hurting her husband. "I know what my position is, I understand that I hurt him, but I can not," he admits.

Ana finds that after the commitment ceremony they did not speak. "I do not perceive and love if it's not what I feel," she says, adding that she understands that her husband is hurt.

"I know, I know that I do it, but I can not do it otherwise," admits Anna, adding: "We are not at the same time. I do not like how I like it."

"She needs to go to meet with me so I can meet her," says Hugo, saying that she is somebody else to enjoy Anu.

Daniel and Daniel do not avoid pressure

This new stage is also handled by the most powerful pair of pairs at first sight. "I feel that she really liked me, but I'm afraid because she sometimes does not understand some of my actions, just as I'm not mistaken from nowhere. She is demanding and always likes to see a hearty, amazing party, and I honestly do not know if I can do it. I still do not understand whether she is important, "adds Daniel.

The couple begin to clean the house with what they brought home and the honeymoon. Daniel brings yoga mats, aloe vera plants, coffee makers and sophisticates. Daniel got kickboxing material, a dart set, a picture of "leaving smart images," says Daniel.

"I think he likes me, but I also know that he does not love me," says the yoga instructor. "It's enthusiastic, but we're constantly asking questions," says Daniel, noting that there's a bit of a good honey in the month. "Now I believe that our participation has already returned to what it was."

Daniel agrees and says they are "coming back." "She's an impressive man, she really likes me, but there's something missing to say she's really my lifelong woman," says Daniel.

Photos: Xposed / Shine Iberia

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