Tuesday , October 26 2021

Do you plan to buy it? DLC Piranha Factory Super Smash Bros Ultimate begins to sell


The iconic character of the Mario Bros. game series, the Piranha factory (or Piranha factory, according to Nintendo Brazil) was recently announced as another character officially made available in the game Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which is the first DLC included in the fighting game on the Nintendo Switch console.

Initially, Nintendo confirmed that the players who purchased the ownership license would be free of charge for the new DLC only by requesting that the game license be activated in the account associated with the user profile.

That's why the closed advertising period, the new DLC, was made available to Nintendo eShop, which was officially approved by Brazilian customers for $ 20.86.

The curiosity of new character availability is that it is not part of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass and does not have its own stage or music choice.

Check out Nintendo's official description, purchase link and presentation video for the "new fighter".

Piranha joins the fight as an independent fighter in Super Smash Bros ™ Ultimate! With a strong bite, poisonous breath and the ability to call Petey Piranha for a strong Smash final, the courage of this character is as sharp as his teeth. Prepare tubes and pots; Your opponent won't see coming! (Well, in fact, the Piranha factory doesn't see anything.

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