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Cianorte Tribune | The young man at the age of 21 confirmed the first case of yellow fever in Parana

A 21-year-old man who had never been vaccinated was the first time Parana was approved for yellow fever. The case was opened on Saturday, when the health secretary's working group went to the coast to organize strategies to overcome the disease with the municipality of Antonin. The young person is hospitalized in a coastal regional hospital, and it is good with a small form of yellow fever.

When the Emergency Health Operations Center (Coes) was set up in the State Secretariat, on Tuesday (29), the team returned to Litor, and Coan's Regional Health Department was established to monitor Coes disease.

The Emergency Health Operations Center also prepared a document with the so-called Clinical Management Flow to guide health professionals in the detection and treatment of yellow fever, as the last case of disease occurred in 2015 when the illness contract was concluded outside the country.

The Health Department has already taken a number of measures and strategies for addressing, in particular addressed to the seven regional and local authorities in the region as they were close to São Paulo, where many cases had already been approved.

The reinforcement teams sent by the Secretary of State visit the cities of each of these two regions to identify the difficulties and to seek more actively in isolated communities to call the population for the vaccine. From Thursday (31) to February 5, a melee search will be conducted in the immediate vicinity of the suspected virus.

The warning also applies to strategic groups of people in risk areas, such as lorry drivers landing at the port of Paranaguá, public security officers and employees of companies located in the Atlantic Forest. However, no more dead monkeys have been found so far.


Symptoms are sudden fever in people who have never used yellow fever vaccine or vaccinated for less than 10 days and who have been in areas of forest, river or proven virus circulation areas for the past 15 days.

These conditions should be related to two or more signs such as headache, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, abdominal pain, back pain, jaundice or bleeding.

The Ministry of Health points out that all information on deceased monkeys and the occurrence of suspected cases should be immediately reported to the Health Surveillance Strategic Information Center (CIEV), who is constantly working. Phones are (41) 99117-3500 and (41) 99917-0444.

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