Sunday , June 4 2023

Bryan Ruiz makes Cuca available to replace Pituca from Santos


Halfayon Brian Ruiz made Cuca available to him to serve on the next Monday's match against Chapecoense Pacaemba as the other side of the Santos. Fish games in Costa Rica have been more frequent, and they want to use Diego Pitucas to stop in order to get in the starting line.

Ruiz can be Diego Pitucas substitute for Santos

Ruiz may be Diego Pitucas substitute for Santos in the next game in Brasileirao (Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos)

Photo: LANCE!

– Pituca is one of the players with more standing in the team. It will be very difficult to do what Pitucas does. If Cuca needs me to play, I can play. Of course, my forte is not a sign, but if the teacher needs me to play in it, I can play "yes", – said the midfielder, who prefers to be a guard. When the season was attracted to the saints 10, sometimes Bryan entered the team on the open side without taking the team owner's position. The positioning changes were a minor setback between Cuca and President José Carlos Peres. The agent said that the shirt 22 was out of position. The coach does not like that.

"I did not know that." I can not comment on things that I do not know if this happened
something between the president and Cuca is among them. Play in the position
the coach thinks the team is better if they need to play the goalie and
is the best team I play – Bryan is finished.

View other points of the Bray Ruiz Press Conference

Self-checker I arrived at the time when I was in the championship
upgraded And my friends were better than me. And I was
recover part of the rhythm and body. I came in a few minutes, I did not have
help improve.

I think the minutes I've played have been better. I play 60
minutes per game and 80 others. It creates a rhythm and it also helps a lot.
I feel good. This is a new country, I have to adapt. I settle
City, I'm calmer now. Now it's about liberators
we are all concentrated and we can organize.

Pressure is shirt 10
I did not feel the pressure, I felt pressure from a new player coming in
defense part But I felt like playing with my colleagues.
The team is in a situation where they changed the coach and other things.
We had 17th and that's not normal. (Cuca arrived), a new trainer and he
began to use those who have been used a bit.


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