Monday , March 1 2021

BALL – "Ronaldo was Missing Juventus Player" (Italy)

Speaking with the RMC, Nuno Gomes explained how Kristiano Ronaldo's work would be enough for the Juventus European Championship and Championship.

Juventus is one of the teams that can reach the final. With Ronaldo hiring, they lack the player for all the goals he can achieve. Without him, Real Madrid is not the same team, and Juventus is more beloved, "said the former Portuguese footballer, adding that the Italian football champion was also in place to win the arrival of the CR7.

Former Benfica Fiorentina from 2000 to 2002 also commented on Andreas Silva's case, who did not remove AC Milan after hiring FC Porto and finally lent to Sevilla.

"When he plays for Seleção, André Silva almost always appreciates and plays well. Playing in Italy is never easy, especially in the first year. He came to AC Milan with a bad moment and he was under great pressure. He feels more comfortable in the national team," he said.

The same goes for João Mário, who began to work for Inter, lent to West Ham, and now has a chance to grab Jersey Nerazzurra:

– He is a very talented player. And he also plays well in the national team. He needs time to adapt, but he is a player who does not succeed and does not see himself working for Inter to show what he can do.

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