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Antute is already a test for the evaluation of artificial intelligence on smartphones

Artificial intelligence was one of the most discussed topics in 2018 in both the smartphone market and other areas. Nowadays it is security and something that is available to us every day.

Of course, it is based on hardware and software, it can be measured and evaluated. This is exactly what Antute has now announced that it can do with its AITUTu application.

Antude smartphones Checking for artificial intelligence AITUTu

AITuTu was created by Antti to measure and evaluate the artificial intelligence that smartphones already have today.

Although this app is fully functional, it is still beta testing and beta testing. Users who want to try can do this already.

The idea is to create a test model related to this new technology and thus categorize what each brand offers (or not) to its users.

What tests AITuTu performs on smartphones

The test found by Antute uses two models running in parallel. The first test uses 200 images of the neural network of Inception v3 neurons. The second is a video with 600 frames based on the neural network MobileNet SSD.

Each of these tests is loaded on each manufacturer's SDK, waiting for a response and evaluating the recognition of these images and when they were received.

If there is no SDK, these images are sent to TFLite for benchmarking. However, this second method is now more fake.

Antude Smartphones Evaluate the artificial intelligence test

The results Antude can get from this test

The final result is created by combining the speed and accuracy of the two tests. If accuracy is selected according to speed, the final result will be penalized.

The logic associated with this model is simple. Its purpose is to prevent fraud situations where images are read very quickly and with wrong answers.

AnTuTu strengthens why indicators should not be different now. This is because the measurement of artificial intelligence is measured rather than the system.

He also warned that brands such as Samsung are not available on the SDK and the Android version may affect the bottom line.

This new tool is important because it will be able to create standards for the assessment of this new reality, thus being able to appreciate what the brands have declared the latest processing power. So if you want to check out the AITuTu app, you can download it from here.


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