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We know who will show the Robert Kubica F1 race! There are transmission plans

All live sessions. Just studio before and after each session. Each Grand Prix team. Program # ElevenF1 on Mondays 21 and racing weeks on Thursdays 21 and Friday at 21:00 22.30. Daily test reports. It looks like eleven sports broadcasting plans – a station that will present Formula 1 next season, and it was presented by eleventh sports director Patryk Miros³awski.

Currently only eleven sports have the right to show Formula One in the 2019 season. This premium station is not available to a wide audience. However, a few weeks ago, was set up, talks and analyzes started, or Formula 1 could be found on open Polsat antennas in the light of the next season's binding agreements. The question is not that simple.

Polsat could use F1?

The new Polsat broadcaster could have been Polsat, which is also owned by the majority owner of the eleventh part. However, the agreement between TV rights owner F1, i.e. Liberty Media and Eleven (the agency was MP & Silva), is an obstacle. According to our informal information, the agreement clearly states that the F1 sender in Poland by the end of 2019 will be eleven sports stations. – At this point, there is a legal analysis that will answer whether it is possible to take Formula One Formula 1 – one of the station staff tells us. The path from the situation would be to sub-license, for example, to show F1, but you will need Liberty Media permission.

Polish fans fully remember that 2006 – 2010 During the year Formula 1 was broadcast on Polsat group channels. When Robert Kubica was behind the steering wheel of the BMW Sauber, the race was broadcast to TV4, but they quickly decided to move them to open Polsat, which had a major impact on discipline promotion. On average, Robert Kubicas had about 4 to 5 million viewers, as well as a maximum of 11 to 12 million. After the Cubic accident in 2011, the clock fell by more than half, and later F1 was transferred to Polsat Sport.

Liberty Media will block the deal?

The question of the possible display of the station, which shows F1, does not want to be commented on by Miroswawski, who pointed out that eleven sports have the right to show F1. It is not known how Liberty Media will address the issue of the quality of relations with Formula 1, and license holders are very pleased with the collaboration with Eleven Sports, who sends their reporters to the contest and reports on all events. It may turn out that the license holder will block all changes and have used a contract that was extended in July 2017 for the 2018 and 2019 seasons. : premium coverage for eleven sports and parallel broadcasts at an open station.

F1 encoded? Bad news for fans and more

With regard to television broadcasts, only eleven sports could be dissatisfied with Orlen who sponsors Williams. The company couldn't count on a big brand. This season, the average Formula 1 review in the eleventh was about 152,000 spectators, who still made it the most watched sport at the station. The start of Robert Kubica in the competition will definitely increase interest in eleven offers. But in open Polsat, revenue would be credited to millions that would benefit Orlen by investing about € 10 million a year in Robert Kubica.

Next season, Orlen will be the sponsor of the entire Williams team, and will also feature a Polish company logo on cars, player suits and teamwork in the garage. However, Orlen's president notes that the sponsorship agreement is also aimed at brand recognition beyond our national borders. – Orlen Group companies are located in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany and Canada. Orlen products are available in more than 90 countries on six continents. Of foreign markets coming 60% of the trade – said Daniel Obajtek, president of PKN Orlen in an interview, arguing that advertising F1 is not just for Poles.

Foreign Orlen petrol stations actually operate in Germany, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. Unfortunately, only in Lithuania, Orlen works with the same name as in Poland. In the case of the Czech Republic, fuel is sold at stations called "Gasoline", and in Germany there are about 600 service stations owned by Orlen, but they are called "Star". Therefore, although Orlen will be a Williams element, it will not be fully associated with the fuel-selling company, such as the German market. There is also no indication of their possible redesign. – We are approaching peacefully. We have a plan for the future to strengthen Orlen's presence in Europe, but it is a process that we have been working on for many years to finally achieve the desired effect – adds Obajtek. Therefore, it seems that a possible broadcast on the Polish television open channel would be very beneficial for the Polish market.

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