Monday , June 5 2023

Walnuts in popular sweets. Biedronka responds


The customer had to buy a candy on Tuesday, November 6, in Bialystok, ul. Wroclaw The woman showed "trivia" that was spoiled by errors on Facebook. We asked him to comment: – I would not want to return to this unfortunate situation – the warehouse customer said

In the Bialostokzanka record, you can see unwrapped "trivia", from which white larvae appear.

Biedronka published a statement on this issue. – (…) we immediately checked the assortment of all these sweets and we did not find any violations. The last external disinfection company inspection in this store took place this September. and therefore they were also not found. We recently disregarded consumer complaints from a designated store in the Client Service Bureau, which allows us to believe that the reported case is a coherent situation. Due to the fact that we are not known as a manufacturer of sweets, we have eliminated all types of "trivials" from the sale of the store, said Justina Rysiak, External Relations Manager of Jerinimo Martins Polska SA, quoting

The network tries to explain this situation to the supplier. – We do not have detailed information on this subject, including the name of the manufacturer, the shelf life of the product, etc. – The network spokesman explains in a statement published on the website "We also do not have a receipt scan confirming that the product was purchased on November 6 at our chain store," added Justyna Rysiak.

The network sends unsatisfied customers to the store for the promotion of sweets. He adds that this can be done at any Biedronka store.

This is not the first case. In September, a resident of Wejherowo also found a lamb in his candy box. On Facebook, he explained that worms were three out of twenty purchased sweets. Jeronimo Martins Polska and Sanepidu Wejherowo reported on this issue.

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