Saturday , May 15 2021

The vandent paints the traveling train. Lower Silesian Railways awarded the prize

The event was held last Friday at. 14:24 The Underground Silesian train drove through the route of Legnica-Vroclau, when a man wearing a protective suit painted a traveling train at Wroclaw Leśice station.

Underground railways are looking for a vandal who paints a traveling train

Polish railways reported an incident to the police, but they also announced that the company's authorities had set a PLN 5,000 reward for assistance from the perpetrator. On their Facebook page, they posted a movie showing how a person dressed in a coat, painted a train with a violet color.

According to, representatives of Lower Silesian Railways believe that it was an organized vandalism act that caused not only the destruction of a vehicle of 23 million zloty but also could endanger the safety of passengers. If you have knowledge of the Lower Silesian train painting, please contact us at 781 707 083.

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