Saturday , January 29 2022

The union of Anna Mucha and Marcel Sora started 10 years ago. It's a story like a movie!


Anna Mucha and Marcel Sora were often given as an example of ideal relations. The couple had two children, and the media has never speculated about their relationship. However, it turns out that the actress and her partner were not as colorful as it might seem. The Tabloids reported that Mucha and Sora broke down. However, the actress does not want to talk about this topic.

I am not talking about my private life, ”said the party.

Anna Mucha and Marcel Sora – how did they meet each other?

Anna Mucha and Marcel Sora were a couple of 10 years. Just ten years ago, the actress appeared in the program "Yak oni tamaj". It was in the shooting plan that she met Soru! The man was then the head of the Rochstar program plan.

It seems that chemistry appeared immediately! And while Mucha didn't get the program, she got something more valuable – love.

Marcel Sora – who is she?

Marcel comes from Sweden. His mother is Polka, and his father is W³ochem. He studied at the Warsaw Film and Television Academy and dreamed of becoming an actor. He did not get a diploma at this university and finally he worked on television.

Earlier there was a love story by Sora with daughter of Jerry Stuhr Marianne Stuhr. However, their relationship was not long.

Do you think Anna and Marcel Sora will come back to you?


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