Tuesday , February 7 2023

The PS4 Pro windmill will not cope, which sounds like a jet engine


PlayStation 4 Pro is known not only for its power, but also for the very loud windmill that interrupts the multiplayer game.

Digital Foundry has decided to test the latest PS4 Pro model, which began to appear on the store shelves without notice. Although it looks the same from the outside (except for the new socket) and internally, it's almost unchanged, the CUH-7200 is a very important change. It turns out that he not only dishes on the shelves of the stores, but also calmly walks.

This change is understood by everyone who is equipped with the PS4 Pro, sometimes afraid that the console will start to rush in the air and fly away to the sun or it will explode, so windmills can work so loud. Life is most often compared to a jet engine. And although it is known that the machine is NO to YES, it goes beyond acceptable standards. Some continue to play headphones. Others can not play at night because they are afraid that they will fall asleep in the building.

This is a phenomenon that often repeats itself to become a problem, but not so often that Sony officially refers to it. Oh, that's noisy. It is difficult. The last model, CUH-7100, fixed this problem, and the current CUH-7200 seems to completely eliminate the problem.

At least future users will be able to enjoy a more relaxed console.

The digital casting test compared various PlayStation 4 Pro models with the example of God's War this year – many players complained that it was such that console fans became the most intolerable. The results were amazing – it turns out that the latest CUH-7200 model significantly improved sound issues. The equipment, even after many hours, did not shine above regular noises. The sputter associated with the jet engine disappeared without any trace. The author even goes as far as calling the new PS4 Pro "discrete" console, although it might not be as good as the Xbox One X.

And if somebody in turn has a number of lovers – the Copper Test, God showed that the biggest noise from the premiere PS4 Pro models ranged from 50 to 55 decibels. For CUH-7200 it is already 44-48 decibels. The only significant downside is the fact that the latest model is heavier than the older ones. However, the advice is the same: do not place the console close to the premises.

The CUH-7200 is only featured with Red Dead Redemption 2. As a stand-alone console, it may appear when the CUH-7100 disappears from store shelves. However, if someone plans to buy the PS4 Pro immediately, it's worth looking at the front of the pack before buying it. The code for the RDR console comes with the code CUH-7216B.

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