Saturday , May 15 2021

The employee provoked PLN 10. She won the prize


Monika Szaniawska

car mechanic
Author: suvajit / Pixabay
car mechanic

The Bartoszyce tax office became loud when it came to information that officials had installed mechanics traps. Now we discovered that a few months ago the head of the office, who was judged by the workshop, received the prize … "An office-friendly businessman".

The Tax Office of Bartoszyce received the "Entrepreneurs' Friendship Tax" Award in one of 72 throughout the country. The competition is organized by the Business Center Club, one of the most important business organizations in the country, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. Galman received a distinction in June 2018, so she apparently forgot the appeal that was associated with her.

"The purpose of the competition is to promote high customer service standards and build a relationship between the tax administration and the entrepreneur who is characterized by mutual kindness and professionalism" – we read on the BCC website.

Sick for the heart

We are aware of this issue last week. It's about a mechanic who exchanged a burnt bulb for women. Since the sales seminar was not launched, he transferred his – private, and for his services he was only 10 zlotys. The machine was completed, so it was not possible to issue a receipt. It turned out that the whole situation was a provocation by tax officials, and this person had to pay a fine of PLN 500.

According to the BBC, Ms. naczlenik's office is one of the 72 best in the US. The Entrepreneurs-friendly Tax Inspectorate Award has been presented since 2002. An agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Business Center Club has been signed on this issue. The tax offices were assessed on the basis of the number of points awarded by the operators in the completed call for tender.

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