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Sundays in November 2018. When are the stores open? [lista – 18.11.2018]


November is the next month when Sunday trade is banned in accordance with the law. In accordance with the rules in 2018, the ban on Sunday trading applies to days indicated in the law, usually unpaid purchases can only be made on the first and last Sunday of the month. The Sunday Procurement Law has 39 days, in which stores will be closed in 2018 due to a ban on trading.

However, next year, only one Sunday of the month will be exempted from the ban on trade, after all, a full ban on the holiday trade will end up.

Trade ban on Sunday. Some of them already rub their hands – watch the video.

Which Sunday will there be a ban on trading in November? Want to know where to shop on a Sunday with a trade ban in November? The list of stores to be opened, despite the Sunday trade ban, below.

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November 2018 will be four Sundays. Shops will be closed on two Sundays:

  • November 11 (Independence Day)
  • November 18th

This means that we can make purchases without problems on two Sundays: November 4th and November 25th.

The full Sunday list, which is subject to a marketing ban, here: the stores are closed on Sunday, 2018 [KIEDY, DATA, LISTA]

Shops open despite a ban on Sunday trading:

On days that have a sales ban, we can shop, inter alia, in pharmacies and petrol stations. There will also be smaller stores where the owner will stand behind the counter.

The opportunity to shop on a Sunday with a trade ban can go to the ABC store. This chain of stores advertises itself as a store on Sundays. Zabka stores have also found ways to bypass the ban on trade on Sunday – they now work as post offices. The decision on the working time will be taken by persons who run separate sales outlets.

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