Tuesday , September 21 2021

Ryanair Aircraft Taken Offensive by France – Aviation

The French Civil Aviation Authority DGAC will take the Ryanair plane to Bordeaux-Mignac in order to force cheap airline companies from Ireland to repay unauthorized state aid.

This step will allow Ryanar to pay the public support he receives from the La-Charente airport's mixed-use organization at Angouleme Airport in 2008-2009. In the year, and announced by the European Commission on July 23, 2014, an illegal statement to DGAC.

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The seizure will create inevitable inconvenience for 149 passengers from an immobilized aircraft, who will fly another 5 hours after 5 hours, will add the office, recognizing it as regrettable, forcing the country to apply such a measure. With this measure, the French assessment confirms the will to secure fair competition between airlines and airports.

The office will not pay the amount Ryanair will pay. The carrier does not want to talk about this.

Agreement in Germany

In the end, Ryanair concluded an agreement with the German professional association Verdi on working conditions and a network of board members to be held on November 13 to vote on the members. The contract for 2 years applies to all German workers and confirms the application of local labor law, including the management of remuneration and other benefits.

The association, representing about a thousand employees, underlined that the agreement would be final after its termination. After nearly a year of negotiations, Verdi believes that this initial agreement is a step in improving the working conditions of the participants and their remuneration. Verdi still believes that the problem is that Ryanair does not allow employees to pay in commission and supports the adoption of new rules for the entire industry.

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Human Resources Manager Eddie Wilson, in turn, states in the statement: "We are pleased to sign this agreement with Verdi, which allows our German bank employees to get better returns and other benefits if they are reviewed next week.

The airline also informed that Italian workers voted largely on the new three-year collective agreement concluded in September with three major associations. Ryanair will sign these agreements on recognition of board memberships in Greece and Sweden.

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