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Puchar CEV: Indykpol AZS Olsztyn przypieczętował awans

Hurricane Loimaa did not stop attending livelihoods and stay awake at the PwCAR CEV. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn wins Finland 3: 1.

Dominic Pawlik

Dominic Pawlik

/ Radosław Jóźwiak
/ Na zdjęciu: siatkarze Indykpolu AZS-Olsztyn

Having made a great contribution to the events of the AZS in Olsztyn, we were struggling to find a way out of Europe for the sake of being able to reach out to all of us in the wake of a great deal of fun. Jeszcze was joined by chemists in Bydgoszcz, by wandering in Gdańsk, and from the afternoon to Finland.

The celebration is based on two sets of creatures that give you the best of heart and soul. The Hurricane Loimaa was the third to be blessed 3: 0 or 3: 1, and it was not until the end of the next week.

The premiere set did not stop the grooms from being caught up in boys. They were playing for the Blues, and the Jan Hadrava played a whistle. Trainer Roberto Santilli made his debut on Denis Kalinin's ward, which ended with Robinger Andring. It is not a pleasant creature that gives you pray, but you do not have to worry about it, for the truth has come to our notice of the funeral. A lot of balls for the gosci.

After zmianie stron gra, Indykpolu AZS nail stanłła. Matthew Oivanen, who had grown loyally from the city of Olsztyn, came to the fort of the castle. The Skutche blocks are on the Hadravie, and the last one is available on the site and runs through the Hurrikaan systematycznie rosla. Zawodził zdecydowanie Kalinin, w jego miejsce do grie oddelegowany zastał Jakub Urbanowicz. He created a momentous impulse, but he did not do the same.

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And the throne of the mountains went down to the north, and the Philistines went their way to the sword. Wystarczyło jednak nieco dobrego przyjęcia in the face of a solid, loyal Andringi, wynik zaczłł opatymizmem polską ekipa. Paweł Woicki dobrze caught up with the co-author of the poetry syringe. The academy was supervised by the Boys and graduated from the post-graduate school in the department store.

W czwartej party większej istorii nie bło. Go to the chicelist and watch the spotlight, Hurrikaani walczyło już tylko o honor. Ropponen drove me to the throne, but I turned aside to the wrong-doers. Faworyci has set up a plan that will provide you with a wider audience from Finland.

The chapels are decorated with PAOK in Thessaloniki, where you can go to Frankfurt am Main.

Hurrican Loomaa – Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 1: 3 (17:25, 25:17, 17:25, 20:25)

Hurricane: Ropponen, Toiviainen, Rumpunen, West, Porkka, Oivanen, Mantyla (Libero), Oraz Mutka (Libero)

Indykpol AZS: Woicki, Hadrava, Pietraszko, Warda, Andringa, Kalinin, Żurek (libero) oraz Kańczok, Gil, Urbanowicz, Zabłocki (libero)

Did you send AZS Olsztyn to the Pucharu CEV?

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