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Prince Charles speaking on political issues


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Prince Charles: If I became a king, I would do otherwise.

Photo: PAP / EPA / Andy Rain

Video: Reuters
Prince Charles: I would not want to comment on the policy if I were to be a king

"The idea that I will work as before, if I have to take part in the throne, is completely useless, because these two situations are completely different," Prince Charles told the BBC. In this way he referred to the question of whether he would comment on political issues if he became a king.

The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II has taken on a number of important social issues, including on climate change or alternative medicine. According to Reuters, his critics have nevertheless announced that if he accepts the throne, comments on the current policy would be risky for the monarchy.

In connection with the 70th birthday of the Crown British heritage, the BBC produced a documentary film Prince, son and heir: Charles at 70, which includes a fragment of recent talks with princes.

Charles pointed out in him that the role of the king was completely different from what he was doing as a Welsh prince.

"The idea that everything will look the same if I have to take over the throne is completely useless because these two situations are completely different," he explained.

Asked if his involvement in the community would continue, he replied: "No, it will not. I'm not so stupid," he said.

– I tried to act in such a way that no one would justify my party's sympathy, – he stressed.

Monarch's principle of political neutrality

Under United Kingdom law and the law "The king prevails, but does not state," the monarch is obliged to adopt a neutral attitude towards political issues. The longest ruling monarch in British history – Queen Elizabeth II, who has been on the throne for 66 years, has never publicly revealed his private views.

However, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II did not bury his thoughts. According to Reuters, he even acknowledged that the popularity of some circles in some polls affected some of his conservative views.

Reuters recalls that in 2013, Prince Karol had 36 meetings with various ministers. Two years later, the British Supreme Court ruled that the content of several tens of letters from correspondence between Charles and the Minister could be made public.

Among the topics that appeared in the correspondence were issues related to the war in Iraq, hospital nutrition and the threat to the species of Patagonian Antarctica.


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Prince Charles: If I became a king, I would do otherwise. "I'm not so stupid" "width =" 640 "height =" 360 "class =" lazy laisa-with-backback "

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