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PlusLiga: GKS Katowice's helpless, Cerrad Black Radom winning series continues

Cerrad Czarni with the sixth triumph PlusLiga 2018/2019. At the seventh meeting of the Polish championship Radomans won his audience with GKS Katowice (3: 0).

Tomasz Rosiński

Tomasz Rosiński

/ Paweł Andračiewicz
/ In the photo: Cerritos Black Rhodes volleyball players

Radomas after winning the season with Jastrzębski Węgiel won five consecutive meetings for Polish pre-contract volleyball players and on Monday they are hoping to expand their winning series, which they succeeded in reaching.

The starters of the race got their job and managed to lead 8: 4 thanks to Maksim Żygława. The lovely Radom team was led by Diane Vinchik, possibly Wojciech Żaliński finished his attacks, and Robert Prygel protested with each successive move towards success at the opening ceremony. The inmates had no argument for an effective fight, and they fell at 18:25.

After the site change, local volleyball players could not slow down. Alen Pajenk worked very well in the field of services, and his team got 11: 7. Katowiczan tried to win a line! The game was a little scorn-barstanting for Karol Butryn but it was not a safe and a little bit about something. Black Radom was awarded a target. After all, the Rhodesian won the 16th place in the second ballot.

In the third game, the players led by Piotr Gruszka were able to compete simultaneously (12:12). Over time, the hosts threw a higher gear and after taking the point, Żygałowa ran 16:12. GKS could no longer turn the pack down, which he lost at 22:25, and the entire meeting was 0: 3.

PlusLiga, Round 7:

Cerrad Czarni Radom – GKS Katowice 3: 0 (25:18, 25:16, 25:22)

Cerrad Czarni Radom: Pajenk (9), Zaliński (13), Vincici (4), Huber (6), Żillałow (15), Fornal (8), Ruciak (libero).

GKS Katovice: Kruszyn (1), Butrina (15), Komenda (1), Depowski (7), Rousseaux (9), Kohut (5), Marianna (libero) and Ogórek (libero), Fijałek (1), Qiroga, Sobański, Woch (2), Krzysiek.

MVP: Dejan Vincič (Cerrad Czarni Radom).

PlusLiga 2018/2019

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