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PiS is a coalition partner in the Lower Silesian Region, the fate of Silesia and Masovia weighs

The Independent Municipality had no doubts. The government has offered to reduce the copper tax by 15 percent. The entire province, and in particular Lubin, from which the leader comes, is to get over PLN 400 million.

"You can split into the interests of the PiS in Lower Silesia," says Robert Raczyński, president of Lubin on behalf of the municipalities of Neparatl.

The breakthrough was made even easier thanks to the fact that the local government will be given the function of a regional parliament and two seats on the board with a total of five seats.

"In Poland, more than political parties, you can talk," says Michał Dworczyk, the head of the prime minister's office.

PiS does not hide an euphoric, as it can prove that it still has coalition abilities, but even local government officials do not have the illusion that they are not about ideals, but about positions and money.

"Many tasks without cooperation with the government will be very difficult to implement," says Cezars Przybylskis, Lower Silesian Voivodship Manager.

The PiS chairman is organizing a conference to once again ensure that his party's victory in his election "is not in doubt." As evidence, this is a division of the powers of the regional diets, councils and communes councils. What are the next consultations …

"This is political corruption"

With such government gifts, the civic coalition had no chance. On Tuesday morning, Grzegorz Schetyna spoke to non-local government leaders, but he heard that the talks had stopped.

– measurable price, special amounts, special amounts and, consequently, contract. What the PiS does is political corruption. Local government officials are damaged – the Civilian Platform speaks of the whole situation.

Only the day after the election, government ambassadors went to Wroclaw asking what they could do to the local authorities at the non-partisan level, because it depends on those who will rule in the Province of Lower Silesia.

They opted for Tuesday after more than three weeks.

The decision of local government officials means that the PiS can add the seventh list of voivods in which they decide.

The fate of the next coalition is weighing Silesia. It is very likely that there is a coalition of civilian allies with the SLD and the PSL. But it is enough that the adviser from the PSL will go to the PiS website and the coalition will be different. And PiS is enticing all over Poland. – I would like to address the PSL so that it does not prohibit the PSL politicians from engaging in such agreements, "said Adam Lipinski, State Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office.

On Friday, Seem's six-party leaders – Grzegorz Schetyna (PO), Katarzyna Lubnauer (Nowoczesna), Barbara Nowakka (Inicjatywa Polska), Vladislav Kosinisk-Kamysz (PSL), Włodzimierz Czarzasty (SLD) and Elżbieta Bińczycka (European Union …

People's decision

Mazowieckie Voivodeship is a very important PiS and a civic coalition, and it all depends on the PSL. More precisely, Adam Struzik, who for the past 17 years ruled Mazovia in a coalition with the PO.

– This coalition should continue this mission – think Adam Struzik.

The platform has no way out. She agreed that Adam Struzik would continue to be a prosecutor, although ludovie lost half of her previous seats.

"There are various controversial issues that need to be clarified," says Marcin Kierwski from the PO for talks with the PCA. What – They, for example, refer to the board's questions and questions about the presidency of the regional council – he adds.

The PiS does not make it difficult for some Members to be pulled over to their side. As the opposition says – with different methods. Katarzyna Lubnauer quoted a situation where one of the members of the council on behalf of Nowoczesna was offered the position of an energy company in exchange for a transition from one political bloc to another.

Everything will be clear on Monday, the first session of the regional council.

It is expected that Adam Struzik will be a queen, but only half a year. He then goes to the European Parliament from the general opposition list.

Lot Party Local Distributors Party Games. Here lies the fate of the ruling coalition. And, interestingly, only bipartisan activists will decide who will rule the party there. Arkadiusz Wierzuk.

Author: Katarzyna Koledna-Zaleska
Source: TVN facts

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